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10 Influencers Who Like To Keep It Plain

Whether they’re known for their fashion style or their power to entertain people, there has always been an impression that influencers need to keep their “almost-perfect” images at bay in front of their audiences by constantly wearing flashy, branded apparel and owning the most expensive items at their disposal. However, people seem to forget that they are people just like us and lived a normal lifestyle before they started their careers. Even until now, they still dig in the minimalist fashion style and prefer to wear comfortable and simple casual outfits on the daily. In fact, these influencers have partnered with Plain Los Angeles because they believe in the power of plain wear, green livingand planting trees!  

Here are some popular influencers who like to keep it Plain and simple while saving the Earth at the same time!

Kristopher Davis

Kristopher Davis for Plain LA

Kristopher is a fitness beast and personal trainer from Los Angeles. His workout fits usually consists of shirts and shorts, which are different than your typical workout clothes. Check him out on Instagram @kristopherdavis_


Eddie Preciado

Eddie Preciado for Plain LA

Eddie is a Los Angeles-based influencer who is well-known for posting lip-sync and dance videos on his TikTok page. He’s usually seen wearing comfy sweatshirts from different brands (one of them which is from Plain LA!) on his videos. Go give him a follow on Instagram @eddiepreciado and Tiktok @eddie.preciado


Ivy Li

Ivy Li for Plain LA

If you’re looking for a glitz and glam-inspired style, you should be following Ivy! Despite the flashy clothes she likes to show off on her Instagram page, she definitely likes the comfort of wearing crewneck sweatshirts. She’s known for her point-of-view videos and has earned over 600,000 followers on TikTok and over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Go give her some love @ivyy.lii


Jan Stuehmer

Jan Stuehmer for Plain LA 

Known as “Mister Grey” on Instagram, Jan is a German-based fitness and lifestyle model who won Mister Hamburg last 2018. His fits usually consist of Plain clothes, which will inspire many people that you can still look good even if you’re not doing much with what you wear. His Instagram handle is @jan_stuehmer


Pearl De Lapaz

Pearl De Lapaz for Plain LA

Pearl is a TikTok star who is best recognized for her text-based videos which often showcase relatable content on different situations. If you’re looking for TikTok videos that speak YOU on a daily basis, Pearl’s page is the one for you! Go check her out on Instagram @pearl.delapaz and TikTok @pearldelapaz


Steven Vhu

Steven Vhu for Plain LA

Steven is a content creator and musician from California who is best known as @steven.vuu on TikTok. His viral comedy sketches, challenges, and transition clips have helped him acquire more than 2.2 million fans. Go check him out on Instagram too @_stevenvu_

Nate Daniel Ward

Nate Daniel Ward for Plain LA

A Realtor, Fashion Model and Fitness Enthusiast from Nashville. He would be the perfect fashion inspiration for men! Much like Jan, he prefers to wear a more plain design in his wardrobe while still keeping a fresh and professional style as a realtor. Check him out @natedanielward


Dawn Morante

Dawn Morante for Plain LA

Dawn is a Los Angeles-based influencer who is known for her short-form comedy, lip-sync on her @thedawndishsoap TikTok account. Her popularity and bad-ass style on the platform led to her amassing more than 1.4 million fans!


Bomiao Xu

Bomiao Xu for Plain LA

Bomiao Xu is a comedy content creator best known for publishing prank, challenge, and parody videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. In addition to his street style fits, this garnered him a 1.2 million follower count on TikTok! Go give him a follow on Instagram and TikTok @bomiiao


Vohr Xu

Vohr Xu for Plain LA

The twin brother of Bomiao, Vohr is a TikTok content creator who’s personality is recognized for sharing comedic skit videos on his vohrrr account. Much like Bomia, he has the same street style that people can easily confuse him and his brother. The only difference is Bomiao wears prescription glasses and Vohr doesn’t! Check him out on Instagram @vohr and TikTok @vohrrr


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