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A Minimalist Summer? How Do Minimalist Fashionistas Survive A Colorful Season?

When one thinks of summer, they immediately associate it with beaches, the sun, and colors that are vibrant and fun. Casual clothing stores even have a color wheel of the same apparel that showcases different personalities and styles to potential wearers. However, there are people who prefer plain clothes that are easier on the eyes. These people, who we’ll call minimalist fashionistas, like bland and monochromatic colors onto their wardrobes as it looks cleaner, sophisticated, and gives them a peace of mind. The question now is, how do they survive such a colorful season and keep a minimalist style? We’ve gathered several minimalist items and styles from several influencers who we can get inspiration from this very frivolous summer. Keep on scrolling!

Let’s start with a simple minimalist vintage style through spaghetti straps and ripped jeans. You can use any plain shirt to pair with it too. A perfect outfit to start the day!

leather wallet case

When going to our favorite summer beach escapades, bringing in a lot of items is sometimes, if not, very cumbersome. How about you declutter and make life easier with lifestyle accessories? This Leather Wallet iPhone Case gives you the convenience of having both your phone, cash, and cards in one compact vessel! It’s the perfect travel essentials without the hassle of bringing carry-ons with items you don’t need!

mary milde

Wearing black during the summer season is quite the taboo for any type of fashionista as it absorbs a lot of heat, making it hotter than they already are (no pun intended). However, times are changing and it’s best to protect ourselves and our skin from harsher rays of the sun due to climate change. Here’s Mary wearing a Crewneck Sweatshirt from Plain Los Angeles. It’s a brand that promotes a minimalist fashion style and saving the Earth through planting trees from sales made. With Plain LA, we can produce less carbon footprint by promoting green living and environmentally friendly products at the same time. Support local!

You can never go wrong with stripes during the summer! It’s a timeless look and common casual wear for men that’s very familiar to the people. Like Ahmed, you can complete it with a pair of khaki shorts and a simple basic cap then you’re ready to go anywhere in this hot summer season!

Looking for the perfect summer outfit can be really daunting. That’s why a lot opt to wear a Plain shirt and just anything on the bottom. It’s simple, fashionable and you can put them on in less than 30 seconds. A simple attire can already go a long way!

money clip wallets in various colors

One secret to a minimalist lifestyle is always going for less. With the ongoing trend of cashless transactions, it’s just right to own one of these simple but stylish clip wallets. These Plain money clip Minimalist Wallets give you that chic, seamless look on whatever outfit you're wearing this season!

Although the summer season calls for a more exaggerated look, minimalist fashionistas don’t need to force themselves just to fit in with the status quo. Just wear simple casual outfits that fit the summer vibe and you’re good to go!

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