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Everything Pumpkin Spice

Tyni Razon

It’s the season of pumpkin spice. So many love it, so many hate it. It’s said to be hyped, it’s said to be awesome. Whatever side you’re on, if you wish to enjoy pumpkin spice, now is the perfect season for it while feeling snug in a plain crewnecks. From latte to cookies, pumpkin spice is infused in various food selections. It’s quite a flexible flavor after all.

If you want to experiment on adding the flavor to different dishes, Wikipedia says the recipe to create pumpkin spice is “18 parts ground cinnamon, 4 parts ground nutmeg, 4 parts ground ginger, 3 parts ground cloves, and 3 parts ground allspice.”

everything pumpkin spice plain los angeles

Here are a few ideas on how you can add and enjoy pumpkin spice:

-Cold mik or warm milk (regular, almond, soy, etc)

-Whipped cream

-Vanilla ice cream or gelato


-DIY butter (here’s a cool, quick recipe)

-Butter cookies

-Sliced apples (with a touch of maple syrup)

-Sliced bananas


-White chocolate (melt, add spice, remold… compared to chocolate or dark chocolate, white doesn’t have much taste so it’s a perfect base for making various flavors for chocolate e.g. mini KitKats)

-Donut glaze or filling

-Pancakes or waffles

-Cake or cupcakes

On non-edibles:

-DIY Soap

-DIY candle

-DIY lotion

Knowing all these, you can make pumpkin spice everything even if it’s not Fall. Plain and simple!

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