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Expressing Freedom

Tyni Razon

july 4 independence day usa

Fourth of July is just around the corner. Independence day is a big holiday as it commemorates the Declaration of Independence of the United States. There are many ways to express freedom -- right to vote, right of speech, and more.

A good way to express freedom is through fashion. Fashion lets one tell the world his or her preference or personality through the clothing taste. It isn’t surprising that it’s a big industry. Even children express themselves through it. From plain jane to avant-garde, so many variations make it a colorful industry.

An old but thriving way to express freedom is through art. It allows people to tell stories whether it be direct or indirect through something visually clear or abstract. Various mediums can be used so it is vast and used by many.

Some like to tell their stories and artistry through plating and taste. Dining has become an improved experience which is why it is also a way to express oneself while sharing it through delightful visuals, aroma, and taste.

Be it joy, sadness, anger, remorse, indifference, or love, music has been a way for people to express themselves. It’s like art but instead of the eyes, the ears are used. It conveys emotion so it’s been a part in many areas of life.

A very direct way to express oneself is writing. It can be done precisely or vaguely, depending on how the author wishes to be perceived. When added to music, it creates a much stronger expression of emotions or thoughts. It has a strong influence over its audience, too, so it is not surprising that many are into it. And it’s also not surprising that libel law was created to avoid unfair defamation. “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

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