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Famous Minimalists

Minimalism is not just a trend. It is a philosophy about “less is more.” It is a movement among people who are environmentally conscious, loves the aesthetic of simplicity, or in need of space. Here are some famous minimalists who might inspire you if you’re looking into this kind of lifestyle.

Marie Kondo
Some living spaces (mostly in Asia) are quite small due to the nature of their stature and due to higher living costs. This is the origins of Marie Kondo as to why she has become an icon for modern minimalism thanks to her tidying tips and methods.


Steve Jobs
The late Apple CEO is notorious for wearing his iconic simple clothing. Some people have also applied wearing plain wear to their fashion choices as well. Here’s a good explanation as to why Steve and other fashion minimalists are into repetitive clothing.


Michael Bloomberg
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is known for his frugal ways of money despite having deep pockets. His minimalism on money has also enabled him to think responsibly of the environment which can be seen in the video below but may seem a bit tad too extreme for some.


Amancio Ortega
The founder/owner of Zara is listed among the top billionaires of the world yet he likes to live his life simply and discreetly, stemming from his humble childhood roots. His frugal and humble ways despite being a billionaire make him a minimalist in that sense.

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