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How To Stay Safe Amidst CoronaVirus COVID-19

Tyni Razon

News about the Coronavirus is everywhere at the moment -- TV, radio, online news sites, social media, and word of mouth. The spread is fast and the development of a vaccine is taking a bit of time at the moment so prevention really is better best now. What are the ways to possibly help protect yourself from this disease?

The World Health Organization is actively releasing updates on this matter and so are other experts and officials. The number one thing to do first is to remain calm and educate yourself about 2019 nCoV. When you are in a calm state, you get to think straight and take appropriate or better actions.

  1. Assess your health - Check your personal health and the health of your household. Are you/they have any underlying disease/s that could deeply endanger you/them should you contract the virus? Though coronavirus is a severe acute respiratory syndrome type of virus like Bird’s Flu and may be riskier for those with asthma or respiratory problems, it can still bring risk and complications to people who have other kinds of health problems.

  1. Assess your travel history and plans - Update yourself of possible locations of where the confirmed cases were and currently are. Look back on your and your household members’ travel history (whether recent or months ago, short distance or long distance) then constantly check for any possible health symptoms surfacing. If symptoms appear, spare doctors/nurses/ER staff the hassle and learn the difference between the common flu versus COVID-19 first (image below). Postpone any upcoming travel plans first to stay safe.

    corona virus symptoms self checking c/o spectrum news(Image source:

  2. Stay indoors as much as you can - Even if your home is the safest place amidst this pandemic, try to clean and sanitize it regularly aside from personal hygiene / self-sanitation. If your work/school requires you to still go outside your home, equip yourself with the right hygienic protection like face mask, gloves, and travel size hand sanitizer. The eyes are also susceptible to infection so refrain from touching your face as much as possible.

  3. Shop for necessities but do not hoard - “Give chance to others.” Stock up on the sufficient amount only of health and hygiene products for your household because other people need to have access to your needs as well. Mindful buying helps others stay safe as well which helps prevent further spread of the disease. Online shopping may help at the moment should you wish to avoid store crowds.

  4. Don’t listen to mere hearsay - Is it true? Is it valid? Is it from a credible person/source? Does it really help if I spread it? These are the primary questions to ask yourself before believing anything. News, whether true or fake, can spread like wildfire, faster than the virus and it may have greater impact to any situation so think critically before you believe and share/spread anything online. 

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