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Minimalist Halloween

Halloween is that time of year where we trick ourselves through a scare whether its spooky stories or shows and we treat ourselves to various candy. The season is also known for decor and costumes which might question a minimalist how Halloween is like.

YouTuber Aly Fitzgerald offers her own minimalist Halloween home decor which may give an insight regarding this:

Regarding minimalist costume, YouTuber Sea Lemon rose to the challenge with her cool DIY:

As for us here at Plain Los Angeles, good ol’ plain wear can still pass as Halloween costume by sprucing it up with some accessories. Don’t poke holes on your pristine white sheet/blanket just yet. Here are some ideas, ladies first.

Pink shirt, lilac bottom, white sneakers, pig tails, and boom! You’re cute li’l Boo from Monsters Inc. Photo from Pinterest.

 Monster's Inc Boo halloween costume idea

Get creative with your makeup and just wear anything to be a comic book character. Photo from Pinterest.

 2D comicbook character make up halloween costume idea


Bust out your overalls or suspenders and pants, wear your red or green shirt (or not) and matching hat, a pair of gloves, and cut out a mustache or grow it if you can. You can be the infamous Super Mario or Luigi. Even ladies can get creative with this. Photo from

Super Mario Brothers halloween costume idea

Red and white stripes shirt, matching red and white beanie, a pair of blue jeans, round frames, and a cane. You get the iconic Waldo. Photo from Pinterest.

Wheres Waldo halloween costume idea

Creativity is the key. No need to spend so much or accumulate clutter for Halloween. Plain clothes or simple wear can do wonder when touched with creativity. Hope Plain LA somehow helped you on how to have a minimalist Halloween!

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