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Minimalist Home & Living

When we think of minimalism, we often think empty and monochromatic. It’s true but it promotes a spacious and clean aesthetic which is why some love it. Clutter can be a cause of stress apparently so it’s not just for aesthetics, it’s also helpful for one’s mental being. But acquired objects or gifts can be hard to let go which is why Marie Kondo became popular in helping out with letting go of material things (quite a philosophical matter actually).

If you already have an existing minimalist home or you’re starting out to have one, maybe these would also further enable you to have minimalism in your home.

Power tool and Cleaning Tool in One
With minimalism, you’d want to acquire as little as possible to avoid clutter. And so, you become mindful of your purchases and needs. For the home, having a cordless drill will come in handy not just for home repair but for cleaning, too, thanks to drill brushes. The buff brush would be nice for car cleaning / detailing as well.


Arc Lighter
Trending on TikTok lately, the arc lighter looks sleek and is powered by USB charging. No need for lighter fuel that takes up extra space. It’s also windproof which is why it’s being promoted as a camping or hiking essential tool as well.


Air Fryer
For those who aren’t great cooks but still want to make something, air fryers are easy to use and are multipurpose. It’s usually promoted as a healthier option than the usual frying with oil since it “fries” food and drains out the fat already found in meat products. But upon further exploration, it’s like a convection oven (hot air blown for overall circulation and cooking) but with the same power consumption of a microwave. Many have gotten creative with it (meat, veggies, pastries, popcorn, snacks, etc.) to show that it’s truly multipurpose and a nice to have for those who aren’t very talented in the kitchen.


Big Mirrors
Floor length mirrors can be a nice addition to a wall should you think of sprucing up a wall. It helps further enlarge a room and it’s a functional wall since it will serve as a mirror.


Minimalist Wallets
Something as simple like this goes a long way. It delivers your minimalist needs and is an aesthetic to behold.


Multiple Style Clothing
Simple casual outfits are the usual go-to for minimalists. But it’s not blah since there are now clothing pieces that can be worn in multiple styles or ways. Scarves, cardigans, and infinity dresses offer different styles.

If you have other lifestyle products ideas for minimalism, do share by commenting below.

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