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Plain iPhone Accessories That Are Simply Essential

Apple is said to be the most primarily used smartphone brand in the U.S. And it’s not surprising that it is in the lead in the U.S. since it is a pioneer brand in smartphone technology and even computer technology. The brand is also founded and developed in the U.S. by Americans so gotta “love local”, right? So if you’re an Apple fan, best to care for your beloved iPhone mobile device with the best cases and accessories.

Plain Wireless Phone Charger - This charging device allows users to easily recharge their phones by simply plopping on or grabbing off their phones from the round wireless charger. This dock requires no port connectivity, saving your phone port’s lifespan. This is handy to have for multiple phones in the household or office. The compact, sleek design makes it plain but definitely essential.

Plain Ultra Slim iPhone Battery Case - It’s not just a cool, thin iPhone case, it’s an extra battery for your much needed extra juice. Perfect for those who are always on the go and can’t have access to sockets all the time.

Plain Leather Wallet iPhone Case - Simple yet multifunctional, this iPhone case can carry your much-needed essentials to save you from carrying extra stuff. Keep your cash, cards, and IDs in it for that minimalist lifestyle you want. It comes in various colors to complement your overall style/taste.

Plain Metal Magnetic Car Phone Holder - Easily attach or detach your phone on the car dashboard with this nifty mobile accessory. It’s going to make every rider smoother for you.

plain la wire less phone charger

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