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Protective Wear During This Pandemic

Tyni Razon

Flattening the curve is the primary way to fight the ongoing global viral warfare with COVID-19 a.k.a. Coronavirus. Staying at home is the main strategy but what if you really need to head out for a supply run and other needs for you and your household? It would be best to have the right protective wear first before heading out to your task/s.

Face Mask - We’re not pertaining to ski masks or halloween masks. The medical or surgical type is more appropriate to avoid catching anything airborne nor accidentally transmitting anything in case you have it. It also hinders you from directly touching your face which is a sure way to catch disease. An additional mask as a layer of protection might help, too.

Goggles - Aside from the nose and the mouth, infections can be transmitted via the eyes, too. Wearing safety goggles may seem ridiculous before but when your life may be on the line, you wouldn’t think of such superficial thoughts anymore.

Gloves - The hands touch a lot of things which is why alcohol and hand sanitizers are in demand to fight COVID-19 / coronavirus. Handwashing with soap thoroughly is, of course, highly recommended as well. But to ensure your protection, wearing safety gloves aside from goggles will be a good idea. Washable gloves would be cost efficient and environmental friendly.

Bleachable clothes - Immediately washing the clothes / protective wear upon returning home would be best, too. Bleaching is taking it an extra step of safety further so should you wish to, wear bleachable clothes prior heading out. Color-safe bleach is available, too, if you can’t help it.

The fight against the coronavirus is still ongoing so best to stay safe in order to protect you, your household, and everyone else. You may shop online for clothes and other needs in the meantime while you are in the safety of your home.

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