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Quarantine Trends

Tyni Razon

Life in quarantine is dreaded by active and outgoing peeps while homebodies seem to be not much bothered by it. Regardless if you’re liking it or disliking this lifestyle, many of us have learned to adapt. And with that, here are some of the trends that occurred and are continuously occurring.

Cooking and Baking

Since many restaurants and cafes are also closed or have lessened their operations, some are trying to make the food they’re craving for. It’s also a good time to develop such skills. It also develops one’s creativity. Here’s an awesome sample cooking video you might want to try. Ensure a hands-free experience while cooking and using your iPhone with the anti-gravity iPhone case. Other cool, thin iPhone cases and accessories available, too.


Home Fitness

Most gyms are closed which sadden a lot of gym buffs. Thus, working out at home has become a trend. Good thing a lot of fitness gurus are available online. Here’s a sample home workout guide. Don’t forget to still use proper workout outfits (we have simple fitness wear for both men and women).



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