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Responsible Clothes Ownership

Tyni Razon

fast facts on fast fashion

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Fast fashion is being scrutinized lately because of its negative societal and environmental impact. Studies have shown that it compromises labor welfare and environmental safety practices for the sake of quick profit. This disposable fast clothing lifestyle may take time to completely defeat but as a consumer, you have the power to help curb the ongoing cycle of the fast fashion industry.

  • Use Clothes-Preserving Detergents - Laundry detergents now have better clothing preservation variants that would be very helpful in prolonging the good-as-new quality of your clothes. In a way, these are eco friendly products because of the life span extension it gives to your wardrobe.

  • Proper Washing - Read the proper garment care instructions on the labels of your clothes. Best to turn garments inside-out prior washing since friction among clothes while in the machine causes fading. Resist tossing clothes in the dryer and opt for hang to dry.
  • Purchase Easy-To-Match Pieces - If you want the plain and simple look but still have the appropriate attire for every occasion, shop for pieces that are flexible to be mixed and matched with other articles of clothing. Choose quality, too. You’ll notice it based on the type of cloth material used and the quality of stitching done.

  • Borrow and Lend - Borrowing clothes from family or friends will save you money and closet space especially if the type of attire needed is a rare look you usually go for. Lending also enables you to assist family or friends and encourage the anti fast fashion lifestyle.

  • Repurpose - Usually, clothes are used as cleaning rags after deemed unworthy to be used as clothing. Get crafty instead and search for various DIYs online for repurposing old clothes into accessories, home furnishings, and more.

  • Donate - Weight gain? Received as a gift but the color or design isn’t just your style? Donate rather than dumping it in the trash. Some may actually need it more than you.

  • Support - Whatever you seek, try to check if there’s an option to shop or get it while supporting a cause at the same time. Plain Los Angeles, for example, offers basics and environmentally friendly products for men and women while donating some of the profit to One Tree Planted, an environmental friendly non-profit organization for reforestation.

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