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Sleek Accessories for the Sleek You

Tyni Razon

Style already speaks a lot about a person. It enables you to express freely even without words. If you like to keep it smooth, simple yet impressive, here are some of the perfect accessories to complement your overall style.

Minimalist wallets - These types of clip wallet embody true sleek style. The design is a sight to behold and functionality is there. It eases into your style without the hassle. Plain L.A. offers clip wallets in various colors at very reasonable costs.

Thin phone case - It protects your phone yet allows the beauty of your mobile device to shine through. This cool iPhone case is sought after thanks to its reliability and sleek look.

Slim iPhone battery case - This type of phone case is truly a lifesaver especially if you’re always using your mobile phone. Apple charging cases vary but this ultra slim iPhone battery case delivers your battery juice needs minus the physical bulk.

Wireless phone charger - Wireless chargers make it easier and smoother to charge mobile devices. Having this embodies a true sleek lifestyle.

Travel size hand sanitizer - Even before the coronavirus pandemic, good hygiene already speaks sleek. Cleanliness is already a smooth style to have no matter how minimalist or not your look is. The best hand sanitizer would be alcohol free for those prone to have dry skin.

Stay safe during this time and shop online for your wants and needs via Plain Los Angeles. Plain L.A. accepts various payment methods and ships directly to your home. Follow us on social media (FB, IG, and TikTok) to stay updated. Be Plain. Wear Plain.

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