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The Story of Plain

Tyni Razon

Plain Los Angeles started in 2019 to promote a minimalist lifestyle through clothes.

What inspired Plain LA was the idea of saving time in choosing what to wear so that the saved time can be redirected to other important matters in life, similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s simple gray shirt attire philosophy.

Most of Plain LA’s simple casual outfits are easy to style and pair with other clothing pieces. Popular casuals like shirts, hoodies, bottoms, hats, bags, and travel accessories are available for both men and women. These clothes come in basic neutral colors as well to truly evoke minimalist yet edgy styles. Other modern essentials are being added to the inventory in order to support consumers’ modern lifestyle.

Aside from this advocacy of being plain and wearing plain, Plain LA also adheres to the idea of green living so it offers environmentally friendly products. It continues to source potential eco friendly merchandise that would delight the eco conscious consumer.

Plain LA is also in partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-government organization dedicated to reforestation, wherein a portion of the profit from every Plain LA product sold goes to One Tree Planted in order to plant a tree. Learn more about the partnership here. For tree facts, check this one. Plain LA wants to serve consumers with simple yet amazing items while having a guilt-free online shopping experience through our One Tree Planted partnership.

So far (as of this writing), more than 9,000 trees have been planted thanks to Plain LA’s customers. The continued support and patronage is highly appreciated by the Plain LA team and drives the team to further help everyone in promoting and implementing a less carbon footprint or environmental friendly lifestyle. #PlainLovesEarth

Plain LA also offers an affiliate program to those who’d want to earn extra. Simply sign up in our Affiliate program page.

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