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Top 5 Minimalist Blogs

Giulian Bernardes Meier

top 5 minimalism blogs plain la

In light of our recent Top 5 Environmental Blogs post, we now bring you minimalist blogs in case you may be interested in all things minimalism (in no particular order).


The Minimalists
Having been featured by various top media companies like the New York Times, Forbes, TIME, FOX, BBC and such, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus have been helping out various people through their minimalist advocacy through the books they have written and through this blog. They also have a YouTube channel and have been featured on Netflix.


Becoming Minimalist

A personal blog by Joshua Becker, his content revolves around (you guessed it) a minimalist lifestyle. He has awesome advice and tips. He has published books as well. Digital magazines, a course, and an app are available too! Joshua also gets booked for public speaking events. You may check out his schedule on his blog.


Miss Minimalist

Author of the blog and various books, Francine Jay is a minimalist who began her minimalist journey in 2009 and has since then sold over 300,000 books and was featured in CNN, BBC, the New York Times, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and more. Her content features her experiences and various other fellow minimalists as well.


Black Minimalists

“Minimalism is the most powerful tool you can use to create the freedom you want in your life.” It’s a good statement and with that, the blog features an e-course and podcasts regarding the black minimalist community aside from the topic of minimalism itself.



Of course, we just have to feature Marie Kondo, who hails from Japan but has greatly influenced the world with her “Konmari” philosophy on decluttering and minimalism. Her content features a tidy course, stories, and a shop.

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