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What Gifts People Really Want To Receive

There are various surveys or studies which show data regarding this topic. But we’ve checked out some of the best we think are closer to reality in order to guide you on what you may wish to give loved ones this coming Christmas. We hope this helps you on your gift giving quest!

plain l.a. what people truly want to receive on christmas

According to Mint Intuit, the 1,000 Americans they surveyed showed the following key findings:

  • 61% of respondents prefer cash or a gift card
  • 29% wants an actual present
  • 8% would rather have the giver donate it to charitable organizations (1 in 4 seniors prefer this)
  • 2% others

  • From this, you can already feel what would be the most ideal gift to give someone. Of course, considering still their personality and background may give you an idea further on what they would want.

    Although majority are being practical with cash or gift card in order to be safe in terms of receiving something truly useful for them and to avoid unnecessary clutter in their home, those who belong to still wanting to receive actual presents may want useful things and would somehow assess what kind of perception people may have of them based on the presents they receive especially with women as 3 out of 5 prefer a thoughtful gift.

    For Christmas, why not consider Plain’s offerings? All purchases contribute a small percentage to tree planting efforts as well. That’s twice the gift-giving at affordable costs. 

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