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Plain Teamed Up with One Tree Planted

Plain Los Angeles (LA) teamed up with a non-profit organization (NGO) One Tree Planted in an effort to help a good environmental impact when it comes to green living and online clothes shop retailing (via Give & Grow by Pledgeling).

Aside from sourcing possible environmentally friendly products and offering a less carbon footprint lifestyle to customers through the encouragement of buying and wearing simple plain wear or clothes, Plain LA is donating a portion of its sales to One Tree Planted as a way of further assisting another environmental friendly group.

One Tree Planted, founded in 2014, is an active NGO that has served parts of USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Africa through reforestation efforts.

For interested parties or individuals, contact to help out with global reforestation efforts. Check out Plain’s eco friendly products and shop a little guilt-free for that simple, plain black hoodie attire, or Apple iPhone accessories, and more. Be Plain. Wear Plain. Various payment methods available and orders are shipped directly to customers’ doorstep. Register an account and shop today.

Plain is on social media, too: @plainlosangeles on FB and IG.
Affiliate program also available for anyone interested in earning extra.

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