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Plantdemic: Beware of Plant Poaching

The trend of plant ownership and selling has increased the activity of plant poaching. Various individuals would steal plants from households or public places like parks.

Here are sample videos of plant poachers:

This is not an ongoing problem in just one country. As a brand with an environmental advocacy, Plain is against plant poaching. This inconveniences the victims and encourages an uncultured trend of stealing. It might affect the natural ecosystem. Some plants may even be endangered already without poachers knowing it. Plant poaching has the same logic as illegal logging.

Plain is happy that people are interested in plants but it’s best to purchase from legal sellers or to simply plant from scratch. There is satisfaction in planting and growing one’s own plant babies. Also, we advise everyone to be wary of which are safe for pets and children.

Below are helpful tips on how to propagate and care for plants:

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