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KN95/FFP2 Superior Anti-Virus Mask (3 Pcs.)

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The mask is composed of one layer of waterproof non-woven fabric, one layer of hot-air cotton, two layers of electrostatic adsorption melt-blown fabric, and one layer of skin-friendly non-woven fabric.While ensuring protection, it has good breathability and provides better comfort.

  • 5-Layer Design
  • Comfortable & Breathable
  • High Filtration
  • Portable folding


This KN95 mask is made of 2 non-woven outer layers, 2 melt-blown inner filter, 1 non-woven cotton middle layer absorbing the moisture. This 5-Ply mask is designed to offer more protection than a standard disposable 3-Ply mask.

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Marzia H.


Unboxed and unwrapped a filter, fit very well, metal strip on nose bridge for fit form. A bit more restictive breathing than an N 95 but it is fine. Cloth elastic over the ears works as it should. Good fit sealing. Cut it in half, and confirmed 5 layers. Will buy again.

Harry G.


As COVID-19 cases steadily increasing, I felt the regular disposable mask cannot protect me sufficiently during work. However, it is very hard to buy 3M N95 mask at most of the places nowadays. As such, I decided to give the KN95 a tryout, which should be equivalent to the US N95 standard yet only under emergency FDA approval. I have worn them for about ten days now. These masks are quite soft and comfortable to wear. They fit to my face very well. In term of breathing, it is slightly more difficult than regular disposable mask, but not as much suffocating as the N95 masks. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality. I felt more protected during work while interacting with people.

Gary V.


I feel safer in the Kn95 mask. I will continue buying these masks for trips to the markets, Target, Walmart and especially going to my dr appointments, draw blood.. These masks are 5 layers! I did the water test, passed! The fire.. passed! I cut it open. I will say I have a thin/smaller face, these I’m 49 and they are comfortable I can breathe fine. These are not thin and flimsy! Worth staying healthy and keeping others safe! God bless everyone!

Darrin R.


I bought these to get individual wrapped KN95 masks. These are listed in the EUA and have the typical manufacturer stamped certificate. They appear quality in all respects and some of the best KN95 masks I have tried. Usage is same as other KN95, while these do seem a a little easier to breathe through. I haven't noticed any strong odors, though a couple had a slight smell that didn't irritate or make me feel like I couldn't use them. The smell subsided in a few seconds when I removed from the package. Overall, I now prefer the wrapped masks for the N95 and the surgicalprocedure types. Will buy these again when needed.

Pete H.


These are very comfortable and work great by themselves or with a second cloth mask over top. I like that they stay in place so there no need for constant adjusting. These are also comfortable to breath in because they don’t cling to your nose and mouth.

Emma S.


The best I’ve tested for me. I’ve tried surgical masks, cloth without inserts, cloth with P2.5 inserts, KF94, and these. I much prefer the KN95. Tight fit without gaps. Comfortable fit. The shape and rigidity help keep the mask away from my mouth, just about eliminating moisture from collecting. I like that they’re individually wrapped.

Lorraine W.


The build quality of this KN95 is solid, you feel the thickness right away. I also appreciate the plastic wrapping for every single piece of the face mask that comes in the box. Made sure every piece is clean and ready-to-wear. The elastic band is not too tight, so it's easier on the ears if I have to wear my mask for a longer period of time while going out. I definitely like this particular feature, since I have tried the masks from various brands and sellers, this piece has been the best option for me by far. Pretty satisfied with this purchase.

Gina C.


The mask is comfortable and seems well made to me. Each mask packaged in it’s own cellophane pouch. Felt a bit tight when I first put it on, but U got used to it. The tight fit makes it safer. Very breathable despite its thickness, overall very pleased.

Rachael B.


These are much more comfortable than surgical masks. I work in healthcare and hate the masks that are provided for us and so I got these. These are great! Love that’s they are individually wrapped so it’s easy to bring a fresh mask with me on the go

Forrest B.


These are perfect. Especially since they are individually wrapped. When I first got them I gave some to the pizza guy because he wasn’t wearing a quality mask. I always have one in my purse just in case !

Benny H.


These are the best masks! Especially because they are individually wrapped-so you can put them in a baggie, then in a purse, while you are not wearing it. I would definitelly recommend them!

Mandy G.


Very comfortable, easy to breathe and easily worn for long periods at a time. Also, I like that all of the masks are wrapped and sealed individually so that we you need one, it is fresh and clean.

Elaine J.


Love this kind , I am a nurse.. It was delivered fairly quickly. quality very good. Thankyou for your service.

Randall B.


These masks are there best next to the N95s used by health professionals. I love that they are individually wrapped and easy to open.

Robert J.


These are comfortable and fit snugly once you fit the nose piece to your nose. Ear loops are perfect length. So far these have not dogged up my glasse, a big plus for me.

Marty B.


These look great they look well-made and they work great they allow you to breathe and yet another keeping your germs inside

Whitney R.


I've been wearing this type mask from the beginning of Covid. It's comfortable and I can breath better in this type mask.

Patti P.


The quality is really good for the KN95 mask, a lot better than the regular ones. I would definitely buy it again for my next trip!

Kelvin M.


These masks fit your face! And with more layers of protection, I breathe better. They don't sit right up against your nose & mouth.

Ruth H.


I use these KN95 masks on a daily basis. Comfortable and easy to place under eyeglasses to prevent fog up

Blake N.


They arrived the same day I ordered then. I was shocked. Individually wrapped in resealable plastic. I can throw them in my bad and know they are still sterile.