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Plain Leather Key Ring Pro

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    Walk with quality and elegance in your hand; The classic and unique Plain Leather Key Ring Pro has a slim minimal design that easily glides in and out of your pocket or purse. Like the finest wine, this leather key ring just gets better with age; It’s made out of Luxury Soft Leather to class up the look of your keys at the Valet station or on display in your car ignition.

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Andrew E.


This is a nice leather keychain. Looks rich and well-made. I like that it was made in Italy, and I was happy with the purchase when it arrived in only 4 days.

Alan B.


Nice finishes and generally higher quality. I love that it's long enough you can hold the chain, not the keys, in your hand. Sleek, long design makes it easy to find in a bag without actually being too bulky.Good Customer service as well

Adam E.


Love how it doesn’t swing and hit the dashboard where the keys are. Truly a superior design!

Peter P.


I've purchased several cheaper leather key rings on Amazon, only to have the disintegrate. I decided to purchase this because the leather looked like much better quality. I've received several compliments on this key ring.

Larry R.


Love the quality and look of this leather keychain, great quality. Very Sleek and delivery is super fast!

Shawn M.


Absolutely the most exquisite key holder, leather, metal finish &design are first rate. I highly recommend this Company! Great mission and customer service!

Arthur M.


Very lightweight but looks really expensive! I love it!

Matthew B.


Love the quality and look of this leather keychain, great quality.

James B.


Spent a long time trying to find the right leather keychain, and this is the one. A little bigger than I initially thought, but after I spent time with it, it's perfect. Highly recommend.

Alex A.


Beautifully made! just the right size and weight! the color if the leather I chose is rich and beautiful! excellent craftsmanship. I have been using one for about a year, and it does not look worn!

Bowen C.


Great Quality! Superb customer service and I love the mission too!

Dwight H.


Loved the quality of the keyring will be purchasing other products from this company!

Daniel P.


I bought it for a gift for my son. It is a great key chain. Leather is soft and is rich looking. Fast delivery as well! Just in time for his birthday!

John D.


Bought one with the minimalist wallet and I have no regrets to this day because the quality is really great! They were not kidding about the durability of these items!

Jonathan M.


I have more than 10 kinds of keychain and this is my number 1 choice everyday! Good mission and customer service!

Dave M.


Bought one for the mission, I wanted this as a collection but I ended up wearing ti everyday!

Robin R.


Love it! Great quality, great delivery speed, great customer service! Good Company we have here!

Benedict C.


I love how it feels! Superb quality!

David G.


Great quality!

George L.


Bought 2 for me and my best friend. I'm buying more for my other friends! Great delivery speed too!