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The Belle Box

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    Mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress & increase joy through self love. Includes products that can reduce stress, improves overall health, improves sleeping habits, improves sex drive, removes unwanted wrinkles, clears and smoothens the skin, and slows down aging. This is one of those amazing gifts sets for her!

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    The Princess Box contains 1 SOL Moringa 100% Fit Capsule, 1 SOL Anti-Aging Face Cream, 3 Swiss Chocolates, and 1 Everlasting Rose

    The Empress Box contains 2 SOL Moringa 100% Fit Capsule, 2 SOL Anti-Aging Face Cream, 1 Box of Fine Swiss Chocolate, and 1 Everlasting Rose  

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Customer Reviews

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Andre S.


I appreciate everything this business gives, from helping save the forests, their apparels, and now to making my girlfriend happy! I’m glad I bought the empress gift box for her! Great customer service too!

Marie S.


I wasn’t expecting to find an affordable package with all of the stuff I need for my supplement and beauty essentials. 100% bang for the buck and arrived in the UK in a flash!

Michelle F.


Bought this for my mother, who is a bit older now. She kept telling me how nowadays face moisturizers are all chemical and that it is impossible to find a decent one. She was very happy with the SOL Cream and actually keeps showing off now about how smooth her skin is!

Rosa M.


These items made me feel like an Empress indeed! I highly recommend.

Terry L.


Bought the package as a gift for my wife as I have no idea about beauty stuff but she absolutely loved them! Will buy more in the future!

Kevin N.


My girlfriend loved her birthday gift! The design of this box looks incredibly luxurious. She thought I must have spent a fortune on that box. I will definitely buy something again in the future.

Jessica A.


I love it! Great packaging and the items look promising. I suggest buying more packages ahead because you will definitely use these all the time!

Riley R.


Customer service was great from my experience and it arrived within a week! Items look, taste and feel great so far. Will still spend more time with them before I can give an indepth review.

Luna T.


I was using different products before but I’ll try this to see how compatible I am with the products. It just arrived today and packaging looks really awesome!

Madison R.


I’ve been religiously using the products in the package the past few days and no side effects yet! In fact, it’s making my mood and skin better. I like it!

Alex A.


I was quite hesitant at first because the bundle is too good to be true for only around £100 but it really is legit and has all the items I expected it to be from their website.

Lilian M.


I was able to save £40 from the Princess Package. I’ll take that.

Aubrey D.


I was randomly searching for beauty boxes for my girlfriend and unexpectedly brought myself to this website. Will give it to her as a gift this week and we’ll see what happens! Great packaging, I will say that.

Dorothy G.


If you’re a first time buyer from this website, I suggest you use their welcoming discount codes! You can ask for it on their Facebook page. That’s how I got 20% off from this package! Will save you tons.

Greta M.


Tried both products and in 1 week I could see the changes! Very effective and great customer service!

Rose C.


Bought a Princess Belle Box for my sister and she loved everything about it especially the chocolate! Arrived in a flash and I’d definitely buy again.

Brenda P.


I bought the moringa capsule before then I bought their princess box now to test out the face cream and as always, the results were phenomenal! I’m your repeat customer for life!

Andrea R.


This is my 6th face cream that I tried so far and I can confidently say that it is the last one I’m trying because I finally found the one that is perfect for my skin. Love the moringa capsule too!

Carmen C.


You can’t imagine how thankful am I for this product. Helped me a lot with my rough aging phase! Will definitely buy this again and again!

Apple B.


Everyone here in my town is talking about this product so I tried buying the princess box and I now know why they are the talk of the town. Hope this product will grow bigger! Thank you!

Robert C.


Nothing in this world makes me more happy than seeing my wife happy! She loved it! Took her some time to see the changes but she's glad I've ordered this for her.

Mario A.


Bought this as a gift for my wife. The chocolate was eaten before I could even see it 😀 She was very happy about the quality of the products as well.

Amanda T.


These products are amazing! I bought this as a present for my friend at first, but i’ll definitely start using them as well now. Love them!

Petra R.


Great gift box, great value and fast shipping. 10 out of 10!

Bianca E.


Very happy about the products. I got this as a gift and just had to check out the brand. The moringa capsules make me energized in the morning and the cream makes my skin look beautiful. I’ve ordered some of the women’s clothing, they look great on their instagram page!

Martina S.


I love the vision of your brand! You are making it easy for us to help the environment while shopping. Can it get any better? I will definitely come back for more!

Patricia D.


My best friend suffers from rheumatism. On some days it is better and on others worse. She has been taking the moringa for 2 weeks now and she said that she hasn’t had the “really bad” days anymore so far. Love the mission of the brand as well, keep it up guys!

Joshua A.


Got the Empress box for my wife and it made her feel like a true goddess. The box just looks super high quality. I am bad with finding gifts and I always felt like I wasn’t making her happy with them. This what not the case with this gift box, I really saw her glow up!

Marta H.


My daughter is an “influencer” and gets so many things sent home, so it is hard for me to find something special for her. She loved the princess box! We are repeat customers now and we’ll keep contributing to plant more trees!